Original image

I was asked by Lux Frágil, probably the most emblematic club in Lisbon, to think of a Christmas card illustration. They usually throw a huge, famous party for New Year's Eve, but this year the pandemic shut them down. So they wanted my help to come up with an image to send off that awful 2020. It was supposed to just be a card, or an image to be shared on social media. But I was in my "fresco" mood and just sent them this first image. When they saw it they decided to apply the image to a 13 metre wall in front of the club, with printed vinyl film. We did it all for the love of the place. It'll be there for a few months, a sign that life will come back to this nocturnal temple.

Image adapted to the 13 meter wall

Making of

Time lapse of the wall

Lux manager Pedro Fradique and moi

My kids. They will never come to this wonderful place, they'll be too busy studying to become doctors. They'll sleep at night and work by day. They will not be like their father! (it's hopeless, they both love music and dancing)

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