My good friend and excellent film maker Filipe Araújo asked me to create visuals and animate a sequence for the beginning of his documentary about the legendary Gualdino Barros, a jazz drummer and manager whose life include the most amazing events and situations. Gualdino played and met some of the greats, and is a mythical figure in the portuguese musical scene. In old age he had a stroke and had to relearn how to play drums.
My animations follow a loose script written by Filipe, but he left me room to find solutions that would be more feasible, bearing in mind that I was working alone. It was a treat to do this, and I thank him for the opportunity.

Intro directed by Filipe Araújo and André Carrilho; Animation and layouts by André Carrilho; Editing and sound by Filipe Araújo.

A Sétima Vida de Gualdino / The Ninth Life of Gualdino is a movie by Filipe Araújo, produced by Blablabla Media, 2013. Check out the movie website at

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