Bolsonaro’s Post-op

Editorial cartoon for Diário de Notícias, 9 Sep 2018. The front runner in the upcoming Brazilian presidential election Jair Bolsonaro is stabbed in the torso during a rally. Perpetrated by a man with ties to left wing organizations, fueling an already contentious and divise campaign, the attack is expected to backfire and boost Bolsonaro’s popularity. A neo-fascist ideologue, the candidate’s opinions include: Brazil’s military dictatorship was a very good period in the country’s history; Women should earn less because sometimes they get pregnant and don’t work; replying to a female political opponent that calls him a rapist, “I don’t rape you because you don’t even deserve it”; “I would never love a gay son, I’d rather see him dead in a car crash”; “Pinochet should have killed more people”; asked about what he would do if one of his sons dated a black woman, he replied that it would never happen because his children are properly educated and are not promiscuous.

Bolsonaro's Brazil

Diário de Noticias, Sep 2018

At Spam Cartoon we decided to do an animated cartoon for RTP, based on my cartoon for DN

Our Daily Hate

Cover illustration for E magazine, Expresso, 27 Oct 2018. AD Marco Grieco. 

Our Daily Hate

Expresso, 27 Oct 2018. AD Marco Grieco. Double spread illustration for E, the magazine of Expresso newspaper.

Our Daily Hate

Expresso, 27 Oct 2018. AD Marco Grieco. The editorial board decided to place the double spread illustration in the magazine also in the cover of the newspaper, with the hashtag #notohate.

Bolsonaro's Campaign

Editorial cartoon, Diário de Notícias, 28 Oct 2018

The Diário de Notícias ended up printing my editorial cartoon on the cover, with art direction by Pedro Fernandes

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