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The main theme of the book is violence, in all its forms and as an integral part of an existence that resembles more and more a video game. It's also a love story between two hired killers that keep killing each other, while trying to lose as few lives as possible. As usual with these kind of assignments, I try to depict everything that is not described in the book. I think the illustrations must not be literal visual translations of the actions and environments of a text. In most cases there's the danger of ruining a well crafted description with an image that cristalizes a specific interpretation, taking away from the reader the pleasure of imagining it. So these images are what came into my mind based on the philosophical considerations of the main protagonist, about violence. The violence of the elements, of nature, of god, of humanity, from the cradle to the grave. And I couldn't resist depicting the hi-density skyscrapers of Hong Kong, of course.
When I think of violent animals, the first that always comes to mind is the mantis, a beautiful insect with a deadly elegance.
The finished cover, spine and back-cover.
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